Innovation DNA

At 55 years, Walsywa is the company that launches more products on the market

Since its foundation, in 1964, Walsywa has had as its trademark to innovate with the development of new products, consolidating itself in the market initially with the launch of the Walsywa Perforated Tape and the CB Mechanical Anchor. And, to this day, the company continues with its vocation to innovate.

The big bet

This year, the revolution is due to the new DTR-35 tool, developed especially for some of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil, plaster/drywall, and electrical and hydraulic installations.
Allowing fastenings up to 5 meters high, the DTR-35 eliminates the need for ladders and scaffolding, in addition to the use of drill, screw and anchor to fix pins in concrete. The tool, 2 to 5 times faster than conventional systems, arrived to provide more comfort and high productivity.

Walsywa Service and Training (SWAT)

This is another revolutionary concept from Walsywa. Launched in July 2018, SWAT is a van equipped with all product lines, which makes visits to dealers across the country to build relationships with customers, offer training and professionalism, increase sales and circulation of customers in stores.


Walsywa was the first Brazilian company in the Fastening sector to be part of the Brazilian Association of Engineering and Structural Consulting, ABECE, thus being present at the biggest events in the sector. Among the most recent are the 2nd National Meeting of Innovation and Construction at Seco, the 11th Brazilian Congress on Bridges and Structures and the 4th Latin American Congress of Steel Frame.

Continuous evolution

This year alone, the company almost doubled the number of employees and even made a big increase in its line of bushings. This and all other releases were recently presented to the market at the two most traditional fairs in the national market, Construsul (30/07 to 02/08) and Concrete Show (14/08).
And from now on, the fruits will continue to be reaped by the company, which will continue to follow the innovation DNA that has established it as a national reference in Fixing for Civil Construction!

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