We work continuously to offer you the best advantages. Therefore, we continue to be a reference in all the markets in which we operate, and we are always at your side!


We verify the compliance of the products in accordance with the Regulatory Standards, proving the strength and performance of the materials.


We prove that the solutions provided meet the criteria established by the buyer and the market.

Technical training

By empowering market professionals, we advise on the best way to use our products and solutions, as well as best practices to get the best possible performance from them for longer.

technical assistance

Team prepared to meet and provide support in all situations involving our tools, whether gas or powder.

SWAT - Walsywa Service and Training

Pioneering and innovative concept, which began in 1980. Since that time, the service has been serving customers throughout Brazil, sharing knowledge, references, and innovations on Fixing for Civil Construction.

Today, SWAT has two mobile training units for consumers and store salespeople, demonstrating products, driving partner sales, and offering:


Technical assistance


Walsywa testing and
development laboratories

Since our foundation, we have a dedicated laboratory for product testing and development. In it, all material is carefully tested before being produced. Afterwards, the product undergoes further analysis, before being released to the market.

Extensive storage stock,
more than 20 thousand m²

More items available for prompt delivery throughout Brazil. Based on integrated logistics, well-defined commercial strategies and the expansion of physical spaces promoted, we distribute nationally through the main highways.

large logistics centers in strategic locations

Our units are located in Jundiai/SP, Camanducaia/MG and Piçarras/SC. In this way, we can serve the whole of Brazil. It’s reliability, efficiency, and extreme agility.