Learn about the benefits and products of the Walsywa Chemical Fastening Line

Walsywa’s Chemical Fastening line comprises, among different types of products, chemical anchors. Known for its quality and reference in the market, the injection or capsule anchors serve various types of applications, whether in concrete, masonry, and other base materials.

It is important to be aware because, as in the case of mechanical anchors, with chemicals, installation is a vital process for the correct performance of the fastening system. Understand better below:

A chemical fixation is basically composed of three resistances: that of the concrete, the chemical anchor, and the rod.

When the load applied to the fixture exceeds the strength of one of these elements, a system failure occurs. For safety reasons, check which material is the least resistant in the set. It is also important to highlight that, in relation to the resistance to detachment of chemical anchors, it can occur when there is a change in the specified parameters, the so-called influence factors, which can lead to an increase or decrease in the final load value.

To know all the products in the line and the ideal application types, as well as all the influencing factors, download our complete catalog: https://bit.ly/2OBFaEI.

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