RFS System: What’s the difference between it and the traditional system?

Sistema STR

The Naja tool has the exclusive RFS system, Rapid Fire System, which further enhances the productivity of this gas tool, increasing the speed of applications by 7%.

The RFS is used with pins already mounted on the accessories. Linked to productivity, this type of pin is essential for the operator who does not like to waste time on the job, avoiding extra manipulations to carry out the fixation and bringing greater ease in fitting the pin, which is carried out directly on the tool tip.

By not using separate pins and accessories, as is done in the traditional system, there is no need to use the magazine, which can be removed to carry out the applications of the steel pins. Thus, the tool’s weight is considerably reduced by 23%, making it more comfortable for the operator and avoiding premature physical wear. In addition, because the pins are already assembled, the use of the magnetic ring developed to lock loose accessories on the tool tip is avoided, which, being a small component, can be easily lost in construction works.

The RFS system is unique and patented. It’s reference! Reference, it’s Walsywa!

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