Save time and reduce risks: meet the Walsywa Drywall Lift!

The Drywall Lift is another launch by Walsywa to bring practicality and safety to you. Among its main features, the product supports up to 65kg, reaches a maximum suspension height of the plates of 4.2 meters and supports panels of up to 120 x 485 centimeters. It also helps to reduce the number of people at the time of installation, in addition to reducing installer fatigue and the risk of accidents.

Its base material is drywall technology, which, among the main benefits, are speed and stability. This system replaces conventional masonry in building internal fences. As installation is faster than traditional systems, it is possible to reduce the project’s delivery time.

The Plate Elevator is part of our Drywall Construction Fastening line, known for its product portfolio. Walsywa was the first Brazilian company to launch a complete line of screws for drywall construction technology. Nails, tapes, dowels, screws, and tools for the drywall construction system are also included.

How to apply

To use the elevator, our tip is to position it in the direction of the gap to be closed by the plate and lock the wheels. After that, insert the plate into the elevator and turn the handle, raising it to the desired height.

Want to know more about our products? Download the full Walsywa catalog:

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