With expansion, Walsywa moves its Headquarters to Jundiaí/SP

To meet the great growth and demand for even faster deliveries, the company moves to the large logistical and industrial center in the interior.

With space 3 times larger, the objective of this displacement was to establish itself in a place more adequate for the logistic demands of the organization and, at the same time, capable of favoring the continuous improvement of the services provided.

The new headquarters has a space with 8 docks and space to store more than 8 thousand pallets, in addition to games and rest rooms, which resemble the offices of technology companies, bringing greater well-being and integration between employees and departments.

In our new headquarters we will also have 2 training rooms, one internal and one external, where we will be able to train people making applications in real time. Walsywa started training customers more than 40 years ago, using our SWAT (Walsywa Service and Training Service) vans, where you can get to know the products with your hands and not just with your eyes. The success of the vans led us to practical training at our headquarters as well, and now we intend to improve the process even further.

Walsywa Headquarters Images

Interview with João Pedro Schrott, CEO:

What are the main benefits of the new headquarters?

With a ceiling height of 13m, more than 8,000 pallet carrier positions and 8 docks, the company will be able to move its orders with greater speed.

The office has what is most modern, with open spaces, raised floors, and games and rest rooms for greater interaction of employees and departments, in addition to the most modern laboratory, still under construction.


How will the new location favor the improvement of services provided?

Near 2 of the 5 busiest highways in the country, orders can be delivered with greater speed.


Did the solar segment drive the change? Why?

Yes, the segment is growing a lot and we will still have many new features to better serve our customers. The change will allow us to continue with the investment plan for the solar and construction sector, our 2 main focuses.


What are the expectations for the solar market and how does Walsywa intend to collaborate with the sector?

The solar market does not stop growing, and so there is room for new ways to serve customers. There are still few companies like ours, with proven experience in the fastening segment, and conditions to also serve nationally. Combining our efficient logistics with our technical support, we intend to be able to serve within 24 hours more than 200 cities in the southeast and south of the country, where we have our 3 business units.


What main products and releases?

The Solar Line comprises End Clamps, Flat and Rubber Washers, Flanged Hex Nuts, Screws (Hammer, French and Allen, with and without heads), Rods and Rod Assemblies, Straight Plates with Hole, chemical and mechanical anchors and numerous fasteners created for special projects.

The entire line is produced in 100% passivated INOX which makes it even more resistant to the weather to which a photovoltaic panel is exposed, ensuring greater durability and simpler maintenance.

Allied to this wide variety of products, we have all the technical support of our Engineering. We perform calculations and tests in loco, help our customers to have the best technical-commercial solution and provide training.


Was there any practical application of these products in the new matrix?

By the end of the year, we will have news in our new matrix, which will use a series of products.


About Walsywa:

Walsywa was founded in 1964 and is a reference in construction for civil construction in Brazil. With units in Camanducaia/MG and Piçarras/SC, it has a modern logistic system close to major markets.

Recognized for its constant innovation, Walsywa has developed patents and new technologies for several products such as perforated tape, CB anchor, support with locks and Rapid-Fire System, which are used in thousands of jobs every day.

  • We have the largest number of patents in Brazil;
  • We have a modern laboratory for testing and quality control;
  • Green Build Council Seal (Sustainable Construction) / ETA;
  • We have more than 10 product lines;
  • We have more than 1,800 items in line being delivered to major cities in the south and southeast within 48 hours;
  • We have more than 80 people working in sales throughout Brazil;
  • We have a partnership with two of the big brands in the market BOSCH FERRAMENTAS and FISCHER (washers).

Contact: vendas@walsywa.com.br | +55 (11) 5912-1000 | 0800 100 5024

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