Yellow May: know the movement and be part of it

The high rate of deaths and injuries in traffic is alarming throughout the world, even so, before the popularization of the movement in question, a situation as worrying as this did not receive the necessary attention, nor measures to raise society’s awareness by the government.

The Yellow May campaign was created with the purpose of filling this gap and putting issues on road safety on the agenda, to mobilize society, government agencies, companies, professional associations, and associations. This is done through actions that engage individuals and spread knowledge, addressing the breadth that the issue of traffic requires, in the most different spheres.

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Approximately 90% of accidents worldwide are caused by driver recklessness. In Brazil, in data collected until October 2019 by the Federal Highway Police, lack of attention topped the list, followed by disobedience to traffic laws, incompatible speed and alcohol consumption.

Therefore, helping to reduce the number of traffic accidents is a practice that is within everyone’s reach and, for this, simple measures such as:

– Obey the speed limit of the lanes

– Respect all traffic laws

– Give space to pedestrians and cyclists

– Always use the seat belt

– Carry out regular vehicle inspections

– Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, transport by app is an excellent and practical alternative

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