Fixing rebars in residential enterprise

Jundiaí, SP / Brasil


Projects: Fixing rebars on concrete bases for installing metallic mesh

Date: October 2018


In a project comprising 223 residential units, including one-story houses and two-storey houses, the construction system adopted was the in-situ concrete molding, which consists of molding massive reinforced concrete walls and slabs with centralized metal screens, executed on a concrete base.

The screens are structures made of Ø 3/16” steel wire that fill the entire area to be concreted. In addition, they are fixed to the concrete base through lashing with annealed wire in rebars Ø 10 mm x 400 mm. The rebars are positioned in the center of the width where the concrete wall will be cast later, with 300 mm along the entire perimeter of the house.

Walsywa is present in this work with the WQE 500 Chemical Injection Anchor, a resin based on pure epoxy (slow curing), used for fixing rebars to the concrete base. The factors that led the construction company to choose the product are:

  1. Ease of application, considering the large number of holes
  2. System more appropriate than compound
  3. Good cost/benefit ratio
  4. High tensile strength