As part of the modernization of the stadium Cícero Pompeu de Toledo (Morumbi), two new information screens were installed for fans. They are positioned in the central strip of the upper ring of the stands, one on each side. The panels were installed with the objective of being ready for the opening of the Copa América held on June 14, 2019.  Each panel has an area of ​​154.82 m², measures 20.16 meters wide by 7.68 meters high, has an image resolution of 2016 x 768 pixels and weighs 24 tons.

The set of panels was mounted on a metallic structure fixed on the last steps of the stands, which is molded in concrete.

As can be seen in the photo, much of the set extends over the limits of the stadium’s upper ring, which makes it exposed to the action of the wind, thus requiring a fastening system with extreme strength and reliability.

Due to this condition, the company Ecometálica responsible for the installation of the metallic structure, chose for carrying out the fixation with the WQI 44 Plus Chemical Anchor and the Ø 3/4″ UNC X 235 mm threaded studs in 1035 steel supplied by Walsywa.

This choice was made due to factors such as long-standing knowledge and trust of the Walsywa brand and mainly because the product has European ETA Certification, F120 and F180 fire resistance reports and a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission seal.

Prior to the purchase and installation of anchor bolts, Walsywa’s Engineering sector provided all technical support in order to collaborate and ensure the specification process of the fastening system by performing fastening calculations and carrying out practical traction tests on site of the application.

Line 5 of the São Paulo/SP Subway

In the construction of the Metro Line 5 emergency walkway, there was a need to fix precast concrete supports to support the concrete slabs that, in turn, form the walkway.

Said supports were fixed on the inner surface of the tunnel that is lined with concrete rings and, for this application, we specified the fixation of the threaded bar with WQE 500 Plus Chemical Anchor, a pure epoxy resin (slow curing), due to the conditions of the application listed below:

  • Need to make small adjustments when placing the support
  • Drilling performed with diamond crown
  • Presence of water in theft
  • High tensile and shear strength

For the homologation (approval) of the product, the consortium and Metro requested application and traction tests with five samples at the application site, with subsequent provision of a report.

In addition to the practical tests, a calculation memorial was also requested to prove the functioning of the indicated fastening system, considering factors such as concrete strength, diameter and embedment of the bar.

After obtaining the expected results in the tests and proving them through the calculation memorial, the product was homologated by Metro and supplied by Walsywa.

Fixing for structural reinforcement in building basement

In the construction of an apartment building, the need to carry out structural reinforcement work in the building’s basement was detected. Structural reinforcements are carried out in profiles and metal sheets when speed, efficiency and reliability are needed. This reinforcement model can be applied to any structural element acting in compression, bending and shear reinforcement, in addition to increasing the stiffness of the recovered elements. The model, which is widely used today, is characterized by lightness, low weight and reduced addition of cross sections.

In this case, the structural reinforcement work was carried out with the aid of ASTM A36 steel plates, fixed by Walsywa WB 5/8 Anchors. The choice for this expansion anchor model was due to its characteristic of tensile and shear resistance and, mainly, the speed in the application of hundreds of points since the WB Anchor Bolt can be installed through the part to be fixed.

Fixing rebars in residential enterprise

In a project comprising 223 residential units, including one-story houses and two-storey houses, the construction system adopted was the in-situ concrete molding, which consists of molding massive reinforced concrete walls and slabs with centralized metal screens, executed on a concrete base.

The screens are structures made of Ø 3/16” steel wire that fill the entire area to be concreted. In addition, they are fixed to the concrete base through lashing with annealed wire in rebars Ø 10 mm x 400 mm. The rebars are positioned in the center of the width where the concrete wall will be cast later, with 300 mm along the entire perimeter of the house.

Walsywa is present in this work with the WQE 500 Chemical Injection Anchor, a resin based on pure epoxy (slow curing), used for fixing rebars to the concrete base. The factors that led the construction company to choose the product are:

  1. Ease of application, considering the large number of holes
  2. System more appropriate than compound
  3. Good cost/benefit ratio
  4. High tensile strength

Development consisting of shopping and hotel

With 145,000 m² of construction, the development comprises a shopping mall and a 6-star hotel with 122 suites, in addition to the restoration of an existing chapel on the site. The building is impressive for its size and stands out for including the preservation of a historical heritage, in addition to overcoming several challenges in the engineering area.

One of the highlights of this civil construction icon is the external cladding, which has wooden louvers and natural vegetation. The louvers system will be supported by the structure of the building, with the aid of threaded bars fixed to the concrete with the WQI 44 Chemical Anchor from Walsywa.

The fast-curing, high-strength vinyl ester-based resin was chosen because chemical anchors do not create stresses in the concrete, due to the way these products act. This feature is very valuable for fixing the louvers that make up the building’s facade, since they will be very close to the edges of the concrete.

In order to attest to the efficiency and safety of the product, tensile tests were carried out on the applied studs, and all were approved.