Line 5 of the São Paulo/SP Subway

São Paulo / Brasil


Project: Fixing the emergency walkway

Date: March 2016


In the construction of the Metro Line 5 emergency walkway, there was a need to fix precast concrete supports to support the concrete slabs that, in turn, form the walkway.

Said supports were fixed on the inner surface of the tunnel that is lined with concrete rings and, for this application, we specified the fixation of the threaded bar with WQE 500 Plus Chemical Anchor, a pure epoxy resin (slow curing), due to the conditions of the application listed below:

  • Need to make small adjustments when placing the support
  • Drilling performed with diamond crown
  • Presence of water in theft
  • High tensile and shear strength

For the homologation (approval) of the product, the consortium and Metro requested application and traction tests with five samples at the application site, with subsequent provision of a report.

In addition to the practical tests, a calculation memorial was also requested to prove the functioning of the indicated fastening system, considering factors such as concrete strength, diameter and embedment of the bar.

After obtaining the expected results in the tests and proving them through the calculation memorial, the product was homologated by Metro and supplied by Walsywa.