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RBS MAGAZINE brings in this edition an exclusive interview with “Jorge Camilo Trabulsi”, Walsywa Commercial Director

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Walsywa’s mission is to serve the Civil Construction Fixation market, ensuring customer and employee satisfaction, maximizing economic value for shareholders, and contributing to the improvement of quality of life.

RBS MAGAZINE: Tell us about the pillars of the company?
ANSWER: For over 50 years, Walsywa has earned the trust of customers and remains a great reference in Fastening for Civil Construction. We have as North the following pillars:

Excellence – With simplicity, always seeking to do the best. Satisfy our customers and employees;
Courage – Valuing positive and negative experiences as sources of learning and innovation. Continuously break the cycle of habits by taking calculated risks;
Integrity – Treating others the same way we want to be treated, applying truth and honesty when dealing ethically with everyone.

RBS MAGAZINE: What are the products and services offered?
ANSWER: The Solar Line comprises End Clamps, Flat and Rubber Washers, Flanged Hex Nuts, Screws (Hammer, French and Allen, with and without heads), Rods and Rod Assemblies, Straight Plates with Hole, chemical and mechanical anchors and numerous fasteners created for special projects.
The entire line is produced in 100% passivated stainless steel, which makes it even more resistant to the weather to which a photovoltaic panel is exposed, ensuring greater durability and simpler maintenance.

Allied to this wide variety of products, we have all the technical support of our Engineering. We perform calculations and tests in loco, help our customers to have the best technical-commercial solution and provide training.

RBS MAGAZINE: Point out the main differentials of the Walsywa company for the fixation sector in civil construction and in the photovoltaic segment in Brazil?
ANSWER: We are the reference in this market. We are present in the largest projects in Brazil, including the Itaipu hydroelectric plant, the Rio-Niterói bridge, World Cup stadiums, airports, corporate buildings, and residences. We believe we have achieved this feat in view of the following differentials:

– We are the company that launches the most innovative products in the segment;
– We have the largest number of patents in Brazil;
– We have 3 branches and more than 20,000 mt2 of distribution area;
– We have a modern laboratory for testing and quality control;
– Green Build Council Seal (Sustainable Construction) / ETA;
– We have more than 10 product lines;
– We have more than 1,800 items online being delivered to major cities in the south and southeast within 48 hours;
– We have more than 80 people working in sales throughout Brazil; and
– We have a partnership with two of the big brands in the market BOSCH FERRAMENTAS and FISCHER (washers)

We intend to differentiate ourselves in the solar market, as we did in Fixing for Vivil Construction, through a highly trained team, providing good service, efficient logistics (24-hour delivery to a large part of the country), laboratory and development of products that meet the needs customer requirements and competitive conditions.

RBS MAGAZINE: What is Walsywa’s market perspective in the post-pandemic Brazilian market over the next 3 years?
ANSWER: Even with covid-19, the segment still grows exponentially, we believe that with the drop-in interest rates in recent years and its historic low, in addition to the speed with which the sector’s technology advances, with increased productivity and scale, growth should continue regardless of external factors.

In relation to the photovoltaic market in Brazil, it is growing exponentially. In 2020, we intend to reach a 10% share and expect to grow 5%-10% annually until we become the benchmark.

RBS MAGAZINE: Why did the company decide to operate in the solar segment? When did you start acting in this segment?

ANSWER: Walsywa started its trajectory in 1964, serving the gunpowder fixation market. Since then, it has developed hundreds of new lines and applications, with a presence in Brazil and abroad, although it is better known for its chemical and mechanical anchors.
With the growth of the solar segment in the last 4 years, the demand for more technical applications and approvals grew, which drew our attention to the market, which we serve with more technical applications and, now, we intend to serve also in the most common applications, with a extensive range of fasteners and other chemical and mechanical products.

With the project in mind, we invested in training, people, specific laboratory equipment, an additional training van, in addition to products, marketing and fairs. We understand that the market still has a lot to grow, and for this reason, we made investments considering the next 5-7 years.

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