Fixing for structural reinforcement in building basement

In the construction of an apartment building, the need to carry out structural reinforcement work in the building’s basement was detected. Structural reinforcements are carried out in profiles and metal sheets when speed, efficiency and reliability are needed. This reinforcement model can be applied to any structural element acting in compression, bending and shear reinforcement, in addition to increasing the stiffness of the recovered elements. The model, which is widely used today, is characterized by lightness, low weight and reduced addition of cross sections.

In this case, the structural reinforcement work was carried out with the aid of ASTM A36 steel plates, fixed by Walsywa WB 5/8 Anchors. The choice for this expansion anchor model was due to its characteristic of tensile and shear resistance and, mainly, the speed in the application of hundreds of points since the WB Anchor Bolt can be installed through the part to be fixed.