Walsywa, which operates in the civil construction fixation market, decided to start its operations in the photovoltaic segment recently. The company, whose flagship are chemical and mechanical anchors, saw in the growth of the solar segment the greater demand for more technical applications and approvals. “We intend to differentiate ourselves in the solar market, as we did in the fixation for civil construction, through a highly trained team, providing good service, efficient logistics (24-hour delivery to a large part of the country), laboratory and development of products that meet the demands of customers and competitive conditions”, says João Pedro Schrott, CEO of Walsywa.

For the photovoltaic segment, the company supplies the Solar line, which comprises end clamps, flat and rubber washers, flanged hex nuts, screws (hammer, French and Allen, with and without heads), rods and rod assemblies, straight plates with hole, chemical and mechanical anchors, as well as fasteners developed for special projects. According to the company, the entire series is produced in 100% passivated stainless steel, which guarantees weather resistance, allowing for greater durability and simpler maintenance.

Without revealing the amount invested in the factory to produce the PV equipment, the company claims that most of the resources were allocated more to laboratory and testing devices than to machinery and equipment. “Since these products are very close to what we already had, we turned our investments to the specification and sales platform. We invest in training, people, specific laboratory equipment, an additional van for training, in addition to products, marketing and fairs”, he says. “We understand that the market still has a lot to grow, and for this reason, we made investments considering the next 5 to 7 years”, he adds.

By 2020, the company aims to achieve a 10% share of the photovoltaic market. The expectation is to grow from 5% to 10% annually. “Even with the covid-19 crisis, the segment is still growing exponentially. We believe that with the drop-in interest rates in recent years and its historical low, in addition to the speed with which the technology in the sector advances, with an increase in productivity and scale, growth should continue, regardless of external factors”, predicts Schrott.

Walsywa, founded in 1964, was a pioneer in the development of a powder fastening system in Brazil. Currently, the company has several fastening lines, such as mechanical, chemical and others, covering infrastructure, oil and gas, dry construction, and now solar markets. It has three units in Brazil, located in Louveira (SP), Piçarras (SC) and Camanducaia (MG).

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