Product Description:

The Walsywa Naja is the most versatile pin power-load gas-powered tool on the market and ideal for component assembly and installation services. It provides a revolutionary new experience to fasten pins to concrete, hollow block, and structural steel without the need for powder charges and the use of a drill. It is extremely fast, safe, and silent, ensuring high productivity and working comfort, as well as have the exclusive and patented RFS system (rapid firing system) which further enhances productivity by working with already mounted pins. The system has a complete range of pins and fixtures, such as washers and brackets, in addition to the tool’s working accessories.


  • Magazine capacity: 20 to 40 pins;
  • Maximum length of the pin: 40 mm;
  • Allows use of RFS mounted pins;
  • Application of 1000 pins with a gas can;
  • Easy handling;
  • Greater safety in operation;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Uses NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries that offer greater durability;
  • Bi-volt battery charger;
  • Length 374 mm;
  • Weight: 3.6 kg


  • Electrical and hydraulic suspended assemblies;
  • Installation of fire and air conditioning systems;
  • Fixing screens for lashing masonry;
  • Suspension for ceilings;
  • Fixing drywall guides;
  • Beam shuttering placement.


In seconds, the Walsywa Naja Tool transforms to utilize these pins, making the fastening process lighter and more productive than traditional systems. The assembled pin is easily fitted to the tool tip, only by hand, eliminating any device.

By comparison, the RFS does the job 1/3 faster than the gunpowder system and is significantly more productive than the traditional gas system.


The Gas Clamping system is extremely faster than conventional clamping systems, such as those

that use anchors and screws, for example. The Walsywa Naja Tool provides great savings because, in addition to being practical and safe, it is extremely fast, as it has an automatic process and allows for serial applications, reaching up to 1000 fixations per hour.


The Walsywa Naja Tool is offered in versions equipped with a 40-pin magazine (for greater work autonomy) or with a 20-pin magazine (which facilitates entry into hard-to-reach places and makes the tool lighter). But the great innovation of this tool lies in the fact that, in a few seconds after removal from the magazine, it can start using the pins already assembled with accessories – the pins of the exclusive Rapid-Fire System (RFS), a solution designed and developed by Walsywa, with required patent and that allows the application of pins mounted with washers, brackets, and clips. It’s a lot of speed, practicality, and versatility in one tool!

All this combined with the rubberized handle, low weight, excellent balance, minimum recoil, and very low noise level, offering greater operator comfort in the application.


The penetration adjustment is given by the choice of pins, long for low-density concrete, short for more resistant bases and the high-performance ones for high-density concrete. The Walsywa Naja Tool has an exclusivity: penetration depth regulator, which greatly facilitates the application in different

Materials from solid concrete and steel, such as hollow concrete and ceramic blocks.


The Walsywa Naja Tool only triggers if the tip is pressed against the base and if there are pins loaded in the magazine, which prevents accidental triggering.


12-month warranty against defects in material and functioning (according to the conditions of warranty and technical assistance contained in the instruction manual).


Includes briefcase with cleaning kit, instruction manual, magnetic ring, 2 batteries, bi-volt charger, hearing

protector and safety glasses.


Code: 280100 / 280101 Fastening capacity: 1,000 fixations per hour
Power: 90 J Battery: NiMH
Pins variety: 15 to 40 mm Battery life: 4,000 fixations
Magazine capacity: 20/ 40 pins Battery recharge time: 2 hours
Can capacity: Up to 1,000 fixations Loaded tool weight: 3.86 kg
Charger voltage: 110 / 220 v


Headline Column 01: Base material

Headline Column 02: Pin

Headline Column 02a: 2.6 diameter

Headline Column 02b: 3.1 diameter HP

Headline Column 02C: 3.1 diameter HP HP REC

Headline Line 01 Column 01: Normal solid concrete ≤ 30 MPA

Headline Line 02 Column 01: Hard solid concrete > 30 MPA

Headline Line 03 Column 01: Concrete blocks

Headline Line 04 Column 01: Structural steel


Base Materials

Hollow Block
Cement Board
Wall Panel
Structural Steel
Metal Tile
Guides and amounts




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